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Letters to Gary
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Gary Allan ~ The One

Let Gary know what you think of him. I will put all the replies together into a book and give it to him at my next Meet and Greet. If you want to send Gary a letter just follow the instructions below.

Before you write your letter to Gary here are some things you  should know.
1. I will not read your letter other than to copy it for the book.(I won't intentionally read your letter)
2.Make sure you include your first name and e-mail address so I can let you know I received your letter and for index page.
3.You can put 1 picture in your letter if you want to show Gary a meet and greet picture or for whatever reason.
4.Any questions or comments e-mail me at
5.I have set up an e-mail address for the letters only,so please don't send your letters to the above E-mail.
6.You can tell all your friends that are Gary fans to write letters also.
7.I am not responsible for any undelivered e-mails. If you don't want your e-mail address known I will still include your letter but, you will not get any notifications.
8.I do need a name it can be your real name or a username.
9.Have fun writing your letter and one letter per name and/or e-mail address.

Are you ready to write your letter?

I will keep the letters together and I will print them out when I'm ready to put the book together. Gary usually slows down on touring during the winter months so you will have a couple months to write your letter. I will keep you informed here so make sure you return for updates.
If you participate I want to Thank You for showing Gary his fans know He's The One.

Heart full of happiness

I would like to thank the following people for their letters to Gary.
If you don't see your name and you sent a letter please resend it.
I am planning on going to Gary Fan Club Party this year! If you plan to attend to let me know so I can say "HI"

* The index page will contains the names of all the letter writers in order received. 

Gary Allan ~ The One