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Gary Allan ~ The One
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"Alright Guy"

Here are two of my reviews


5 of 5 stars Gary Allan's an Alright Guy August 9, 2002
I bought this cd the day it was released. It's great!! The first time I played it made me laugh. It starts off with MAN TO MAN. This is a good song and I think it will be a single. THE DEVIL'S CANDY is one of my favorites. It's about being addicted to the bad things in life.The next one is WHAT I'D SAY. It's about a guy that's still in love with a girl and what he would say if he saw her on the street. This is what most people really think.MAN OF ME rocks! ADOBE WALLS is a ballad and Gary sounds great. WHAT'S ON MY MIND is my song to my husband when I get mad at him "you can't handle what's on my mind" The title track ALRIGHT GUY was the first song that made me laugh. I'm not sure they can make this a single because there are some contraversal words in it. THE ONE speaks for itself and GARY shines. I'M DOIN' MY BEST was the other song that made me laugh. Gary changes it when he sings it live. The next one I DON'T LOOK BACK is a good song about living your life the way you want to with no regrets.Finally we have WHAT WOULD WILLIE DO I was a little surprised when I heard this one but,it's a great song! If you don't have this CD you better go get it. It's my choice for Album of the Year!!!!!! Great Job Gary!!!!
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Gary Allan-"Alright Guy" Gary Allan is one of the most talented Country Star there is.He doesn't get the credit he deserves but, the music bigwigs have got to catch on sooner or later."Alright Guy" should get their attention because this is definitely Gary at his best.His unmistakeable voice is very hot and sexy! It could melt ice! And his growl gives me chills.This is the first CD that made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it! .It's my pick for CD of the year.Great Job Gary!

The songs

1.Man to man

2.The devil's candy

3.What I'd say

4.Man of me

5.Adobe walls

6.What's on my mind

7.Alright Guy

8.The one

9.I'm doin' my best

10.I don't look back

11.What would Willie do?

Lyrics to "Alright Guy" ALRIGHT GUY (Todd Snider)

You know just the other morning/I was hanging aroung in my house/I had that old book with pictures of Madonna naked/And I was checkin' it out/Just then a friend of mine came to the door/She said she never pegged me for a scumbag before/Said she didn't ever want to see me no more/And I still don't know why CHORUS: I think I'm an alright guy/I think I'm an alright guy/Well I just want to live until I gotta die/I know I ain't perfect but,God knows I try/I think I'm an alright guy/I think I'm alright This one time for medicinal purposes they forced me to smoke some dope/I'm pretty sure I can still be the president/But I ain't ever gonna be the Pope/Well I know I get wild and I know I get drunk/It's not like I got a bunch of bodies in my truck/My old man used to call me a no-good punk/And I still don't know why CHORUS You know just the other night/The cops pulled me over outside the bar/When they turned on their lights/And they ordered me out of my car/Man I was only kiddin' when I called 'em a couple of dicks/But still they made me do the stupid human tricks/Now I'm stuck in this jail with a bunch of dumb hicks/And I still don't know why