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Only Toby
It happened one day,
When out of the blue,
They played a song by Toby,
I think it was new!
The song that they played,
Was oh, so great
Every word that he uttered,
I could definitely relate!
Now I only play Toby,
He's the only one for me,
'Cause he's the Greatest of all time,
And will always be!!!
Only Toby!!!!


Who could it be?
He makes me happy, When I'm sad
He calms me down, When I'm mad
He brings out the sun to chase away the clouds
He sounds best turned up real loud
He gets me motivated to cook
He better than any book
Do you know who I'm talkin about yet?
Well, don't fret
Soon you will see that it could only be
The one that does this all for me
The one and only Toby!
(Keith that is!)

I wrote both of these poems.
Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoyed yourself enough to come back!