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Welcome Toby Fans, this is the place to "GETCHA SOME" Toby!
This page is links to Toby. They include my links, fan links, music links,  and more. Kick back, relax and enjoy getting to know Toby a little better!
I have been a fan of Toby's since the first time I heard him. I joined Columbia House Records and got my selections in the mail. The first one I played was Toby Keith Greatest Hits. I played "Getcha Some" and thought it was a cool song.Next (The Hook) I played "If a man answers" WOW! I felt the hook!haha!  I have never been without hearing Toby on a daily basis since. (This isn't even the one I wanted. I got him mixed up with Clay Walker)
With each new CD release he gets better and his latest release "Unleashed" is AWESOME! Toby at his best (until the next release I bet). Now on to the Male Vocalist Of the Year!!!!!!!!

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