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Here is a test you can take to see how much of a Toby fan you really are. After you take the test, it's only 10 questions, you can check the chart to see how you rate as a True Big Dog Warrior! Good Luck


So let's see how well you know Toby!

There are 10 questions to answer, they are all multiply choice. After you finish check your answers and the Toby's Warriors Scale to see how you did.

1. What is Toby's favorite color?

                    a. red

                   b. green

                   c. blue

2. What is Toby's Wifes name?

                 a. Tracy

                b. Tricia/Trisha

               c. Tammy

3. What state does Toby live in?

              a. Tennessee

              b. California

             c. Oklahoma

4. What year did Toby's first CD come out?

           a. 1993

           b. 1994

           c. 1995

5. What month does Toby celebrate his birthday?

          a. April

          b. December

          c. July

6. What is the name of Toby's Band?

        a. Easy Money

        b. The Cowboys

        c. Fast Lane

7. What is Toby's given last name?

         a. Cooper

         b. Covel

        c. Keith

8. How many kids does Toby have?

          a. 4

         b. 3

         c. 2

9. What is Toby's favorite movie?

         a. Field of Dreams

         b. Pure Country

         c. Men in Black

10. What was Toby's first video?

          a. Me too

         b. Getcha Some

        c. Should've Been a Cowboy

* Bonus Question: What was the first song Toby and Chuck Cannon wrote?

No Peeking!!!!! Answers Below



For more fun things to do check out my Toby Games!

1.C  2.B  3.C  4.A  5.C  6.A  7.B  8.B  9.A  10.C

Bonus Question Answer: How do you like me know?!

Time to check the results: Count how many you have correct. Then see where it is on the scale


1-4 Toby Who?

5-7 Toby is a singer you enjoy

8-9 You are a Toby fan

10 You are a True Big Dog Warrior!!!!!

Toby's Warriors