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This page is dedicated to a couple true Toby fans that I think deserve the recognition for there work and what they have done to help Toby's career. They also have a special talent for taking pictures of Toby and turning it into a masterpiece.

Picture by, Christy - Cool Country Gal
I want this picture painted on the hood of my Tobymobile! I love it!


The first one I would like to mention is Christy- Cool Country Gal. Just click on the picture of Toby to visit her wonderful site. If you would like to understand the addiction to Toby a little better than you have got to read her reason for being a Toby fan. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. It's exactly how I feel but, I wasn't able to put it into words as she has done. Great Job Christy! Thank you for all the work and support you have givin to the best singer,songwriter,performer, there is- Mr.Toby Keith! Don't forget to check out her site, you will love it!

Picture by, Patty
This is one of her wonderful pictures!

The other talented person I would like to mention is Patty-Murphshoney.
You can click on Toby to visit her site. This is recommended because she has got some awesome portraits of Toby. She also has other Country Stars Portraits so you might check to see if she has your favorites.She has also included tags and will make one for you. 
When you see her pictures you will understand why I call them portraits,they are wonderful and show alot of  talent!

These pictures were taken by CMFan another one of my fellow Toby fans. She has taken some great shots of The Big Dog!

Picture by,CM Fan

Picture by CM Fan


These warriors give me inspiration to make Toby art too and here is what I have done so far. These are the ones that turned out okay. I have added them to my Webshots account if you would to use them as a screensaver.



My Toby Poems