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Gary Allan ~ The One
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Post details: REVIEW 'Life Ain`t Always Beautiful'

REVIEW 'Life Ain`t Always Beautiful'

2006-01-25,   15:09:06,   120 words  

The great thing about country music is how it can impart so much truth in less than four minutes.

This powerful ballad will speak to everyone with lines such as 'The struggles make you stronger/and the changes make you wise/and happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time.' Gary Allan turns in a potent performance: understated, thoughtful, but oozing with the emotion of a man who has lived every line. As most in the country music community know, Allan`s wife passed away last year and this poignant, beautifully sung ballad is a testament to the strength of a survivor. To say this is a hit record is an understatement.

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Gary Allan Keeps The Family Together While On The Road

How do you plan a family vacation when youre on the hottest country tour in the world, your CD sales are through the roof, youve been nominated for a CMA Horizon Award and your current single is quickly approaching #1 on the charts? Get another bus, I guess.

At least thats what country star Gary Allan did. When he realized his touring schedule with the Brooks and Dunn Neon Circus Tour was going to keep him away from his family for most of the summer, he rented an extra tour bus, packed up his wife and their six children and brought them out on the road.

For two weeks in July, Gary had the best of both worlds. He was doting Dad by day taking his brood on trips to water parks, zoos and other local attractions and rebel rousing country rocker by night taking the stage to thrill his throng of screaming fans.

"There was really no other way," said Gary, adding, "I couldnt stand the idea of being away from them for so long. If the bus had a few more bunks, I mightve asked my parents along too. Why not?"

Having six kids backstage can have its downfalls though. "They commandeered my bands electric scooters and they were all over the place. It was nuts!"


"Alright Guy"- It's rare for a staunch traditionalist to project an image as a serious musician and a sex symbol, but that's what Gary Allan has been aiming for--and achieving--of late. His 1999 star-making album, Smoke Rings in the Dark, played that sensual card with the title single and its smoldering video, as well as with the randy "Right Where I Need to Be." Now he reprises the formula with "Man of Me," this album's first single, a hard-driving, libido-strutting rocker with such sexual heat it threatens to burst into flames. If that, and its hubba, hubba video are what draw buyers, so be it, but there's plenty else to like here, even if Alright Guy, with too many novelty songs and edgy fillers, falls short of its predecessor. While this album takes Allan farther from the honky-tonk than his previous efforts, there's no resisting a guy who can imbue the heartbreak ballad "What I'd Say" with such restrained anguish, or handle the Western swing of "Adobe Walls" with such aplomb. Of all the stylish guys in Nashville in 2001, he's the one to keep your eye on. --Alanna Nash

 Review-It would be you

Entertainment Weekly (5/29/98, p.77) - "The sinewy, stylish follow-up to Allan's barnburnig debut catapults him above most of the neo-honky-tonkers by stripping the flash off of modern country and getting to the core of its neon heart..."


On His Live Show · The evening's most exciting act was Gary Allan, the rising country star who took the stage in a T-shirt that said, "Sarcasm is just one more free service I offer." Mr. Allan found a way to blend traditional honky-tonk with more recent rock 'n' roll sounds while avoiding the dull glam-country sound ... - The New York Times

· The charismatic California surfer stole the show - Times Leader

· Gary Allan showcased his California roots in a terrific set that referenced influences ranging from Merle Haggard to surf-rock icons the Ventures. - Orlando Sentinel

·Allan, known for bursts of unfettered energy himself, was up to the challenge he ditched the set list and tossed in a cover of a honky-tonk, Merle Haggard drinking tune - Arizona Star

On "Alright Guy" · The California-born Mr. Allan is all about brooding swagger; he's a retro-cool artist who makes traditional country with attitude. - Dallas Morning News

· Bawdy, rude, real - and long overdue. - Detroit News and Free Press


· Allans own wry lyrical choices and relaxed tempos make him ideal for those who wish Chris Isaak was a little more country. - Request

· Allans deft melding of modern and classic country sounds and his insistence on doing things his way places him a cut above the competition. - Goldmine

· a true innovator of a fresh, West Coast country soundBy weaving humor, traditionalism and excellent musicianship with risk -taking, Allan is putting attitude back into country music. - Atlanta Journal Constitution


Question Of The Week

Darryl WorleyQ: I love the Gary Allan song, "Man to Man." It hits home to me. My new boyfriend is like the nice guy in the song, and my ex is like the bad guy in the song. When I heard it I loved it. But, I want to know is he making a video to that song and when do you think it will be out? (Mary, Chicago, IL)

A: Mary, regarding a video for Gary Allan's "Man To Man," you are going to have to rely on the video that song has created in your own mind, since Gary will not do a video for that song. MCA Records tells me that this will be the last single from his current album. Gary is finishing up a new album and you will be among the first to know that he will make a video soon for his new single, "Tough Little Boys" (due out 5/26), with the video to start airing on GAC sometime next month.

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