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Gary Allan ~ The One
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I have created a couple games that have Gary as the theme. Scroll down the page to the different games and links to my other games.
My Gary Allan Puzzle Gallery is a collection of Jigsaw Puzzles.
 I use  to create my puzzles.
 I will add more puzzles as I create them.


Can you fill in the missing words????
clue: they are all from Tough All Over
1.I tell the people that you_____ They don't _____ quite enough.
2.Wish I could put it all _____ but I can't keep ____ off my mind.
3.Then high above him _____ a light he never would ______.
4.She's in his blood he can't explain the _____ when he ______ _____ her.
5.Her ____, her _____ up against my skin  ______ her ______ and take my   
   body in.
6.With ___ ___ and ____I've been gatherin' all the _____ we spent ______
    I need to ______ ____  'cause I know that you're ____   _______.
7.Well, who had the _____ _____ to do this kinda thing anyhow? if it was ____ ,
   well,then ______ I was off the wall.


Can you figure out which one of Gary's song these initials stand for. When your done click on ANSWER to see how well you did.

  1. R W I N T B
  2. L Y A M W
  3. S R I T D
  4. F A A D
  5. T D C
  6. W I S
  7. U H F S
  8. I D M B
  9. A G
10. M O M
11. W U S
12. T O
13. S B M H
14. L I A H F O L
15. F W I S
16. H M
17. W W W D
18. L T L W M
19. F B N G
20. S
21. I W B Y
22. R L B E L W L
23. B I W
24. B B
25. S L M S D L Y 


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Trivia Quiz Answers 1.A  2.B  3.C  4.B  5.C  6.A  7.B  8.C  9.B
Fill in the blank Answers
1. love  matter
2. behind  her
3. shone  forget
4. rush  gets with
5. lips  breathe  spread  wings
6. red wine  tears  years  together  move on  gone forever
7. bright idea  me